Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yeang Chng does it again...

This photo just made my entire week. We've been moving forward with the women's piece in minute increments so when I saw this brilliant photo in my inbox this evening it brought made me laugh and feel proud- what a gift!
Jaime and Junichi are working well together in the duet which is turning out to be very different than what I saw in my head but beautifully understated. Manelich, our friend and an superlative dancer, came by to take a peak of our beginning steps and offered some insightful feedback which opened up the rest the rehearsal for me.
Mike, our Executive Producer, decided we should move forward on finding a venue for the week following our shoot in which we can perform Games. This is exciting as it will give all of our friends, families and the dance community a chance to see our hard work.
Not all of the dancers are available so we may have to modify sections and or replace people which is costly and discouraging in one sense but also a good step in moving forward in the event that we are invited to perform this piece on tour. I think it's important to have a group working together that can share prospectives and enjoy being together.
I am finally coming to understand what a gift it is to have a dancer believe in your work as you make it. I always tended to be a tad skeptical with my directors as if they had to prove to me they were clever. It's amazing how much I learn every day on the other side of the marley.
Tomorrow is soley a women's rehearsal day. I want to give the women a chance to really break free and dance their hearts out!
Finley and I had a nice meeting together tonight where we discussed future potential projects of thisiswater Productions. My friend Emily, an inspiration entirely, in town from France offered me this advice after her show last night... "Kate, this is the first and from here you build and build".
Did I mention that Yeang Chng, photographer extraordinaire, rocks my world? Yeang's future in the filed of photography is destined to be bright. I know this much is true.